[HCM] (Senior) UI/UX Designer

Hồ Chí Minh
1000 - 2000$

Job description

  • Experience working with qualitative and quantitative data that helps ground your decisions in real data, marketplace needs & norms, and business OKRs.
  • Experience building for a consumer audience
  • Ability to work collaboratively across cross-functional teams.
  • Examples of developing and conveying ideas clearly in a written and visual format—clearly demonstrate how your designs tackle customers’ problems or add value to their lives
  • Highly proficient with design tools (Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Ability to facilitate team discussions and help drive toward decisions
  • Experience building products for Android or iOS, and web
  • Knowledge of mobile and web design patterns

Job requirement

  • 3+ years of UI/UX design experience, expert-level responsive web design.
  • Experience designing and conducting user research, including contextual inquiry and usability testing
  • Strong understanding and application of user-centered design methods and principles
  • Excellent deliverables including prototypes, detailed page schematics, sketches, interaction flows, site maps, navigation systems, and web-appropriate writing
  • Ability to work well with engineers team and product team to articulate issues and communicate persuasively
  • Experience working in small collaborative teams.
  • A portfolio showing thoughtful problem solving and high-quality visual design.
  • Fluency with current product design patterns and tools

Why you'll love working here

  • Ahamove have 7+ products and 20+ services. If you love to be challenged with significant problems, we have a place for you.
  • Our culture is bottom-up innovation, so your imagination is the only limit.
  • You will be your boss, and of course, fighting with others bosses. Those who have the most insight will be the decision-maker.
  • Play an important role in the product development of AHA, both internally and externally
  • A chance to practice managing complex products that can offer high-value proposition to the customer
  • Gauge your technical skill in massive projects and a fast-pacing environment
  • Sharp, motivated colleagues in a fun office environment
  • Competitive salaries and benefits according to experience and education level


  • Grab/Be for work: 1M/month
  • Laptop & PVI insurance
  • Working 5 days/week and have Hybrid working
  • Competitive salaries and benefits according to experience and education level
  • And more