[HCM] Senior Data Analyst - Onboard ASAP

Hồ Chí Minh
Thương lượng

Job description

As a Data Analyst, you will:

  •  Support multiple departments(operation, sales, finance, marketing, product...) to carry out key deliverables and achieve business objectives.
  • Have the ability to consult stakeholders for decision making by using the right data.
  • Establish market/trend research and reports to business and product recommendations.
  • Work closely with the data engineers, data scientists to provide ideas/solutions/business aspects.
  • Be a guide of our various data sources (transaction data, in-app events, external data...), data warehouse/database; data model for ETL flow, provide data catalogs.
  • Use up-to-date data tech stack:
    ○ Database/Data Warehouse: Postgres, Bigquery
    ○ Data Visualization Tools: Metabase, Tableau...
    ○ ETL, ELT, Scheduling Tools: DBT, Integromat, Airbyte, Airflow
    ○ Big Data Framework: PySpark, SparkSQL
    ○ Cloud: GCP

Job requirement

  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Logistics, Business Administration or equivalent knowledge
  • At least 3 years of experience as Data Analyst or equivalent roles
  • Proficiency in SQL is a must; knowledge of programming languages such as Python is a plus
  • Proficiency in using data visualization tools such as Metabase, Tableau, Power BI...
  • Self-learner and quick to adopt new knowledge and technical skills
  • Ability to analyze large/complex datasets and good data visualization & storytelling
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

Why you'll love working here

At Ahamove, we are always driven by data and recognize it as fuel for innovation.

  • We collect, analyze, and integrate data into every corner of the enterprise. Data team is the backbone of our company.
  • Just like the “on-demand delivery” segment, our data team provides "on-demand technologies" to serve our fast-changing business needs and evolving market.
  • Our data team has the power to try many up-to-date solutions, tools, and technologies such as Cloud Services, Big Data Distributed Systems, and Machine Learning Models...
  • Currently, we have created different data positions to solve a variety of problems which are fun, challenging, and meaningful.
  • We welcome young talents with fresh minds to join us on our way to becoming a 5-star company.


  • Social Insurance & PVI Health Insurance;
  • Annual health check at a reputable hospital;
  • Annual travel, team building, year-end party;
  • Annual Leave: 12 days
  • Product experience and seniority policy (AhaLove);
  • Grab/Be for work
  • Excellent and competitive salary with 13th-month salary;
  • Working time: 5 days/week and flexible according to job positions.