[HCM] Data Scientist Intern

Hồ Chí Minh
Thương lượng

Job description

  • Collaborate with product, customer intelligence, and engineering departments to identify areas for improvement and develop Data/AI-based solutions for maps, location tracking, recommendation systems…
  • Research, implement POC, and evaluate applied NLP, and generative AI solutions.
  • Implement algorithms for location matching, data processing, duplicated/wrong location spotting…
  • Build APIs for POC on cloud resources.
  • Work with special db/tools for location searching engine, geocoder, geospatial database, geofencing server…

Job requirement

  • Final year student/BS in Computer Science, Engineering, or related industry experience.
  • Good knowledge of OOP, data structure and algorithms, and computer science
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills  e.g., the ability to communicate Data/AI concepts and explain to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Experience with one or more programming languages (e.g. = Python, R, SQL)
  • Familiar with natural language processing
  • Nice to have experience in building APIs ( Flask, Fast API)

Why you'll love working here

  • At Ahamove, we are always driven by data and recognize it as fuel for innovation.
  • We collect, analyze and integrate data into every corner of the enterprise. Data team is the backbone of our company.
  • Just like the “on-demand delivery” segment, our data team provides "on-demand technologies" to serve our fast-changing business needs and evolving market.
  • Our data team has the power to try many up-to-date solutions, tools and technologies such as Cloud Services, Big Data Distributed System, Machine Learning Model…Currently, we have created different data positions to solve a variety of problems that are fun, challenging, and meaningful. We welcome young talents with fresh minds to join us on our way to becoming a 5-star company.