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Are you ready to experience an extremely interesting internship? Do you expect to receive a lot of lessons as well as practical experience? And do you aspire to develop yourself comprehensively in a dynamic working environment?
Let’s say “yes” and join Young Potential Trainee Program now!

Recruitment & Training process

Who is our Trainee?

That's you - the young people who have a passion for discovery and movement:

  • Final year students or fresh graduates at universities in Southeast Asia.
  • Have a passion for working in the field of technology and instant delivery services.
  • Good interpersonal skills to communicate, interact and work effectively with individuals and groups.
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Benefits at Ahamove


Competitive salary: $200 - $300 per month
Training and development focused.


Open and dynamic working place where employees could be motivated.

Working time

Flexible working time, at least 2,5 days per week.

Ahamove culture

Always Moving
Fairness and Respect

Ahamove positions as people-centric, dignifies the transparency with fairness and respects the value of each individual. Each factor is always an important link to develop and conquer the peak in Ahamove journey.

Foster Engagement and Growth

At Ahamove, activities and programs aiming to increase connection, cohesion and community development are at central focus. Ahamove deeply understands that: Only when we become one, we can reach the top!

Encourage Inspiration and Sharing

Ahamove builds a shared working environment, spreads out positive energies, inspires and motivates to create meaningful achievement together.

Frequently asked questions

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